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Theatrical Costuming

We costume both musicals and plays. Although we specialize in vintage shows we are also able to do modern costumes.

   In every production we: 

  • Will honor the director's vision for the show and also strive to make the actors as comfortable as possible. 

  • Try to honor the time period and make it look realistic. This is important and gives authenticity to your production. 

  • We make sure that each costume fits well and makes the performer feel comfortable. This way they can give their best during the performance and don't have to worry about the costume. 

  • We will coordinate with choreographers during our production meetings to ensure that all performers are able to move freely and have the range needed to dance.

  • We also provide consulations for hair and makeup for productions to help keep the styling consistent. 

Your success is our success to we work hard to make your production look amazing!


We offer alterations to costumes and clothing. This can include hemming pants and dresses or taking in or letting out clothing to create a better fit.

Costume Consultation

If you need help creating a costume or locating accessories to finish a costume we can help.

Costume Buying

If you are looking for a specific item for a show or need something for a special event we can locate and purchase that item for you either online or in a vintage clothing store.

Vintage Photoshoot Styling

We can provide period appropriate clothing to match whatever photo shoot you are trying to create.

Cosplay Events

If you are trying to put together a cosplay for a convention or a special event we can help you complete it or create a entire outfit.

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